Well...um...sorry about the littering!

I decided to update/correlate my ebook orders with my Booklike account, so industriously went through recent orders, used the "Shelve It" app, and shelved my recent buys.


It wasn't until I took a break and came back to my dashboard that I realized I just dumped a bunch of posts to everyone following.  I mean, I've seen it before, but for some reason I didn't realize just how cluttered it looks, so ... I'm sorry!


I'm done for now, and will be more aware and judicious in the future.


What ended up being sorta neat is that because I have others on my Amazon account, I have a bunch of books I hadn't realized were part of my kindle library, so expanded my TBR pile considerably.  They do mention/ask when purchasing books or series, but because my mind can be like a sieve at times, I forget those books until I dig around in my account.


Soooo ... apologies again, and happy reading to ya'll!