Argh! Cliffhanger? Really?

The Counterfeit Agent - Alex Berenson

Ok, I've enjoyed this series so far.  In a sense it's fairly predictable, but I've found the character of John Wells interesting, and I did somewhat enjoy this book until I closer and closer to the 100% mark and realized that there just wasn't room to tidy everything up.  I mean, there was closure to some plots, but the main one is still in limbo. The thing that was so annoying is that this book did feel like it was meandering along, and wasn't a tightly woven as the earlier books were, but I put that down to the author getting weary of the series. Now I get it. It was meant to be a lot of filler to stretch this out over 2 books.


I really hate cliffhangers. Will I read the next one? Right now I feel a bit duped and probably will give any forthcoming books a miss.