Words of Radiance musings

Words of Radiance - Brandon Sanderson

I really loved Way of Kings, and was very excited to dive into this behemoth.  I mean, it’s Brandon Sanderson - the guy who really knows how to tell a story.  


This was, dare I say, better than the first.  Although the majority of the book takes place in same sections of the world as the first, there is a lot more backstory here, and Rosher feels much more fleshed out.  There was so much that happened here, but it never felt rushed or dragged out.  The interludes were wonderful - they give you a glimpse of things happening offstage, but still tying in.  Everything about this book was just … right. It’s densely plotted, has conflicted characters, and while it’s not gritty-dark like GRRM or Cook, it has heroes, dammit!  


I really suck at laying out plot details of a book, so I’ll leave that to other reviewers.  What I can say, though, is that there are plots within plots, and while bringing an end to the Voidbringers seems to be almost  everyone’s goal, the way various people want to achieve it makes for some very interesting altercations.


In the first book, I was strongly ‘meh’ about Shallin - I found her tedious and while I suspected some of her backstory, I didn’t really care about her enough to feel … anything.  Well, there’s a whole new Shallin here - she came vibrantly alive in this book, and this time around I felt much more emotionally invested in her (expanded) backstory.  She ended up to be one of my favorite characters in this saga. On the other hand, towards the end I did want to smack Kaladin upside the head for his constant “lighteyes are bad ’n untrustworthy ’n such” angsty emofest, but managed to find it within myself to hold back. 


This is a book 2 of a series of 10 projected books and if these two are any indication, I would venture to say the Stormlight Archive might be one of the premier series in fantasy. I'll definitely be reading this again, soon, like, this year soon because it is that good.