O.M.G! I have to read two actual books

Old Tin Sorrows (Garrett, P.I., #4) - Glen Cook Red Iron Nights - Glen Cook

The convenience of ebooks has spoiled me, I tell ya, completely spoiled me.


First, I'm a total ebook reader - I don't think I've read a regular printed book since I purchased my first kindle ereader in 2009. 


Second, I've become addicted to book series, especially urban fantasy and I'm starting to run out of really good series to read.


Third, I'm rather OCD about reading a series straight through and as I finish one book I immediately purchase and download the next. 


Which brings me to Glen Cook's Garrett P.I. series.  It's fun, it moves along at a nice clip, there are, like, 15 books so far in the series and so there I was, happily reading and buying the next book until I got to #4, Old Tin Sorrows.  It's not available, anywhere, as an ebook.  And then I discovered #6, Red Iron Nights, isn't either.  Oddly, #5 is - go figure. I briefly toyed with the idea of just skipping those two, but I knew it would just gnaw at me.  Then I thought about dropping the series, but realized how completely ridiculous that was, and bravely hit "Add to Cart" on both titles.


So, I have two used paperbacks coming my way (cheesy covers and all) - and I realized that I'm going to be so limited on where I can read them.  I mean, I've gotten so spoiled with reading on either my Paperwhite or my iPad that I've gotten out of the habit of ensuring I have proper lighting in my apartment, and as for reading outside in the evening on my patio, well, that's out too.


Who knows - maybe I'll rediscover the joy of reading regular printed books and my next post will be "OMG - I'm totally off the ebook train now" 


But, I kinda doubt that.