Great North Road

Great North Road - Peter F. Hamilton

What a great read!  It's been a long time since I've read any sci-fi, but since I'm trying to expand my reading choices, I snagged this one.  It's a great mix of sci-fi, detective thriller and monster hunt.  What was so intriguing about it was while my brain tends to glaze over with anything technological, it didn't matter - it somehow felt logical so I was able to easily accept it and move on.  -and now I know where Google glass is heading!


The story takes place about 100 years and starts out with a murder, but as that investigation is going on, there's also a monster hunt on another world, and a lot of government & corporate politicking and maneuvering going on.  Tons of characters, but the way the author weaves backstories in along with small glimpses of personal lives, I didn't find myself lost but was able to connect with them.


Another author to add to my "gotta read more" list.