Chimera - Rob Thurman

Rob Thurman is another new-to-me author I found through my book feed here at BookLikes, so a big ole “Thank you!” to BL readers!


Chimera has elements of a medical sci-fi thriller, but is primarily a story about family and family ties between two brothers - Stefan, a reluctant bodyguard/enforcer for the Russian mob, and his younger brother, Lukas.  Seven-year old Lukas is kidnapped from their family compound, and never heard from again.  Stefan, 14 years old at the time, blames himself for placing his kid brother in harm’s way and has made his life’s goal the tracking down and rescue of his brother.


Stefan eventually tracks him down, and discovers that his sweet loving baby brother has been turned into a genetically modified Chimera - a brainwashed assassin with some very special abilities and no memories of his life before. The book explores the importance of family ties, of what brothers can be for each other, and weaves these ideas throughout a finely paced thriller as Stefan breaks Lukas out of the facility and goes on the run.  


I thought the characters were well drawn, and loved the interplay between the two brothers as they fumble to understand each other, and to understand what being family is all about.