Perfect on Paper

Perfect on Paper: The (MIS)Adventures of Waverly Bryson - Maria Murnane

Well, at 25% I was pretty 'meh' about this book, and at the end I was still feeling 'meh'.  It just didn't do it for me.  It was touted as a lighthearted funny romance - for me it felt fairly pedestrian.  I found the main character and her two bffs to be boring.  The supposedly hilarious string of bad dates Waverly goes through to find the man of her dreams was ... boring.  Her supposedly endearing klutziness was ... boring.


She uses all this angst to create a line of supposedly snarky greeting cards aimed for the single late 20's, early 30's female demographic.  Samples of the cards are strewn throughout the book and they are ... yes ... boring.  They aren't astute, pithy, or even snarky.  


There was nothing inherently wrong with the writing - it just was ... boring and predictable.