Unfallen Dead

Unfallen Dead - Mark Del Franco


Well, this series is picking up steam for me.  It started clicking in #2, and this one, the 3rd in the series, keeps going strong.  This one deals more with the Convergence, a cataclysmic event that brought the fey into the human world, with no foreseeable way to get back.  No spoilers intended, but yes - big stuff happens - after all, it's Samhain:)


Connor is still detecting, but as the mystical events start getting bigger and bigger, I doubt he’ll be able to do as much police procedural work as he did.  That’s ok, though, because the further along this series go, the more interesting the backstory of a lot of the characters are. 


Connor is still contending with the damage to his abilities, and the appearance of that amorphous black 'nothing' inside his head.  Couple that with the Taint leftover from events in book 2, and the ongoing politicking between the Guild and, well, everyone else, he's one hell of a busy guy.

  He’s growing, learning more about himself, still has some lapses, but is willing to learn. I realized as I was reading through this book that I really like that in a character.  Dresden (yeah, I always go back to him) does the same - you can see him maturing throughout the series arc.


Oh - I’m completely enjoying the relationship between Connor and Meryl, who is great - she’s smart, caustic at times, refreshingly direct, and has his number.  Go Meryl!


Now I’m in a dither - there’s more books in this series, and I generally like to read them one after another to experience that immersion.  But, my TBR pile is growing, and I’m getting twitchy because I keep adding other books I read about, but never make a dent in it.  Ahhh ... decisions, decisions.

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