Unquiet Dreams

Unquiet Dreams  - Mark Del Franco

This is the 2nd book in the Connor Grey series, and while I enjoyed the first book it didn’t resonate with me as Butcher’s Dresden Files, or Seanan McGuire’s October Daye & InCryptid series do.


Well, I’m starting to feel the pull of this series too.  This second book expands on the characters and the world and introduces some new characters, along with giving new twists to some earlier ones.  I am appreciating the nuances of motivations, and the blurring of good guy/bad guy lines. There’s quite a bit of (mostly fey) political maneuvering in the plot, along with two murders that may or may not be connected.  Once again, Connor detects, follows clues, reasons through some ambiguities, and continues to examine his life and his motives. 


I was, as is usual for me, somewhat confused when dealing with all that maneuvering, but that’s me - I can never quite understand why people go to such lengths to get power or money:)  Then again, without that these types of books would surely be boring!


Connor is starting to feel real to me - I do like main protagonists I can admire, and I’m admiring him more and more.  While his druidic power is still missing, he’s not wallowing, but is developing other ways of adjusting. 


The world building continues here, and has more depth, which in turns makes the everything more immersive.  I don’t want to give away any details about the ending, but I’m very interested to see what happens down the road in the next book.  (Just to clarify - I’m not talking about a cliff hanger, or anything like that - the book has a tidied up ending, but there is an over-arching plot line as well).

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