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Reading is magical to me...I'd rather read than do almost anything else.  Well, ok, there are a few things I'd rather do, but ... you get the picture.


I read mostly genre fiction - currently fantasy, thrillers, sic-fi and my newest craze, urban fantasy.


I'm a reader - not an author - as you can most likely tell by my love of ellipsis, my inappropriate use of commas, and my current infatuation with en dashes.

30-Day October Book Challenge - Day 1

Gardens of the Moon  - Steven Erikson

Day 1 - Best book read last year


Well, while I read a lot of good books in 2012, I'm choosing "Gardens of the Moon" as my Best of 2012. That was my introduction to one of the best and most aggravating fantasy series I've ever read.  Best because it had depth, intrigue, politics, scheming, wonderful world building and some of my favorite characters; aggravating because I spent most of the book in a mild state of confusion flipping back through my kindle going "huh?  whu?  who?".  


I will definitely re-read this and the entire series because I know that I missed a hell of a lot of it.  Even so, I was enthralled throughout the series, and am really looking forward to the re-read.



By the pricking of my thumbs

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury

Here I've been for the past years, happily reading well-written fun genre series, and then I decided to participate in a book club reading of Something Wicked This Way Comes.


Well, what can I say?  I mean, really, who writes like this?


"Oh, what strange wonderful clocks women are.  They nest in Time.  They make the flesh that holds fast and binds eternity.  They live inside the gift, know power, accept, and need not mention it."


Or this... 


"Four minutes late, corn flakes lurching in their stomachs, they frisked the leaves to a fine red dust going out of town."  


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Please ... think of the lolcats


Dunno why but I just hate it when characters 'smirk' 

October Book Club read

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury

40% in ... This is my first time trying to read a book with a more studied approach, looking for depth beneath the words. I somehow managed to avoid book reports or discussions through school, and I'm sure paying for it now :( 

I finished Arrivals (the first section) and I'll definitely never look at carnivals the same again. His writing is so evocative - I feel as if I'm in the midst of a terrifying dream and I..can't..wake..up. Now I remember why I stopped reading horror. I keep trying to find some definitive "Here is the bad guy and this is why he's bad", but this feels more like a state of being/horror and not a cause and effect. I'm a bit anxious about rest of the book because I'm already freaked out.


October Book Club read

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury

12% in ... Wow - I'm in love with the writing, the images it conjures "...Somewhere not so far back, lightening stomped the earth ..."  I love that! But there's such a feeling of ominous doom I'm skeered.  I used to read King and while I'd get deliciously scared, I was ok.  Now - I dunno - I'm such a chicken.  I'll have to try finishing it the light of day :D




My love affair with ebooks

I love ebooks - I do.  All of my books are in ebook format now - no DTB (dead tree books) for me.  I know, I know, I don’t have that ‘new book’ or ‘old book’ smell, I can’t flip through the pages, I can’t cradle it in my hands and read.  


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